Voix de Vivre is a project based choir. This means that the team for each concert is based on a list of singers that Neil MacKenzie knows will fit the programme and the vision. We are always looking for strong voices to join the pool.

If Neil is not familiar with your voice he will usually arrange a meeting to hear you and to determine whether you and the choir are a good fit.

He will be looking for:

1. Good, strong voices, accurate pitch and understanding of rhythm

2. Good sight-reading skills - rehearsal schedules are usually short and the programmes challenging!

3. Ability to attend all rehearsals

In return, you will get to sing with a group of singers who love a challenge and are dedicated to providing audiences with a great experience. You will also be working with Neil MacKenzie who is a joy to work with. His years of singing and conducting with a range of internationally renowned groups have given him an excellent understanding of how to get the best out of singers. It has also given him a fund of hilarious anecdotes that make rehearsals good fun.

If you would hear more please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.